Summer 2007 volume 9

I never wanted to stop listening to volume 8 (see previous post). While packing for August vacation, I slapped this together, no longer worrying about not repeating an artist or using a song that’s already on the radio. This turns out to be wifey’s and Alina’s favorite (some people like things to be familiar). I was happy to have a place to put some Albert Hammond Jr., whose CD came to my attention right after I burned volume 8.

Here’s a different track from his CD. It’s called “In Transit (Obstinate):

click HERE for a different player which also allows download.

Or, just right-click HERE for the player to play all of volume 9 (open in a new tab or new window) which will also allow you to download.


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  1. Hey there how did you get the word press audio player to stop buffering? I need help.. thanks


  2. yeah, the audio player has issues, usually with the Internet Explorer browser. It’s because of those issues that I added the Mozilla Firefox browser, which I love and now use for almost everything (it’s free; Google it). The audio player above does work for me in Firefox, so I know it’s not a broken link. The song in the player is called “In Transit (Obstinate)” and the whole CD is great, as is most of the new one, “Como Te Llama” (I’m always amazed to get a comment on an old post, like this one from over a year ago; Albert’s new CD got a plug in volume 12 this summer, HERE. I’ve added another, different player, from, which allows you to play or download the track. Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy the site.


  3. Posted by zhree on June 8, 2009 at 10:02 am

    Hi I saw your WP forum post about endless buffering. I’m using Internet Explorer, and your audio player works perfectly fine. But I can’t get mine to stop buffering on IE :’-( Care to give some advice on how to get it to work? Thanks!

    (I thought about switching to Firefox, but all my posts become weird and misaligned over there, so decided not to)


    • try looking at your site in Firefox and see if the player works there….that’s what I found, which is why I switched to Firefox. I vaguely remember for a time switching between the two browsers: one to create the posts and the other to view them, but i don’t remember why I did that. I also find that it’s related to the URL where the audio track is stored, or more likely its server. In a lot of cases, I’ve just used some URL I found on the web and loaded that into WordPress’s audio player (shame on me!); for the most part, I’ve stopped doing that, ‘cuz I have no control over whether the link expires or gets taken down. This one, however (In Transit by Albert Hammond Jr.) is actually one of those found URLs that just keeps going, knok on wood!


      • Posted by zhree on June 8, 2009 at 10:42 am

        Wow that was quick! My audio tracks are uploaded on Google Sites, and I found out that they can only work IF I’m logged into my Google account…which means that other people will most likely be unable to listen to those tracks on my blog.

        Thanks for your help anyway! I shall go search for the mp3 URLs I need now >:-D

  4. What’s the URL of your blog? I’d love to take a look. Do you post on Facebook too? That’s my latest thing, and I see that others who host their own mp3s can link with a player (just like ours here at WordPress) but my links take people to’s site….Maybe I’ll try to post this Albert hammond song on FB and see what happens.


    • Posted by zhree on June 8, 2009 at 11:43 am

      It’s You’ll probably be able to listen to the tracks if you’re using Firefox, but the misalignment of the text…gah.

      I don’t post music on FB, I’m pretty much a struggling IT noob.


      • it looks the same in both browsers, but the audio player only plays in Firefox, as you suspected. Where’s the track hosted? email me direct at if you don’t want it published……

  5. Posted by zhree on June 9, 2009 at 10:18 am

    Haha it’s fine, here’s the site:

    It’s public, so I don’t know why the tracks cannot play on WordPress 😦


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