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7 Overlooked in ’07

Great piece in today’s Globe Sidekick. I post some highlights here as a service to my grown-up friends who don’t have the time, energy, or inclination to go to MySpace. (I believe you know who you are)

First, there’s 1990s, of Glasgow, reviewed by Jonathan Perry. A little of this goes a long way, like Modest Mouse or Franz, but it’s fun.



Next up, the Guilt by Association compilation, so-called ‘guilty pleasures’, i.e. mainstream pop/rock songs done without irony by ironic indie bands. Joan Anderman pegs Goat’s “Sugar We’re Going Down” as essential; I actually found Petra Haden’s “Don’t Stop Believing” a little more listenable, a cappella weirdness and all (probably Sopranos nostalgia).

Guilt by Association

Keren Ann is right up my alley, as Christopher Muther’s picks usually are. She’s channeling Nico in pretty little songs that would be perfect for those quiet lazy Sundays we used to have, before we had kids.

Keren Ann

Keren Ann

James Reed’s pick, Chris Garneau must be an acquired taste (that I haven’t acquired). Whiney, plaintive, and despondant….see if you can get through 2 minutes:

Chris Garneau