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volume 10: done! (finally, on 12/15/07)

If you know me, you know I end up spending as much time on the order of the songs as I do finding the songs themselves. I’ve got to learn to relax! This compilation already shows some signs of that relaxation, with the inclusion of such mainstream pop artists as Madonna and Mary J. Blige, as well as the certainly-well-known Bjork, so that’s a start.

To play the whole 21 song set, right-click HERE for the player (open in a new tab or new window) which will also allow you to download.


can’t get enough Kate…

Ever find yourself smitten with new (or newly discovered) artist? I confess, I can’t stop listening to everything I can find by Kate Nash, including some pretty crappy demo-type throwaways. She has a quality, not unlike Billy Bragg or Jonathan Richman, to weave absurdity and profoundness, not to mention profanity, into narratives that can be especially touching. It’s somewhat raw, primitive (like a Gaugin painting), and has that great London slang that evokes Lulu or AbFab.
Plenty of favorite Kate Nash songs in our house, but check out this little 11-song set I’ve put together. Right-click to open in another tab or window, then play or download. HERE’S WHERE TO RIGHT-CLICK!

The Virgins

Another great cut that’ll be on volume 10; I think I learned about them in the Globe Sidekick!