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Love in October…… February!

I fear this band may be aiming more at my 13 year old daughter’s demographic, but there’s a ‘manifest destiny’ vibe to how I stumbled upon them, and I liked what I heard.


While searching for stream of the soundtrack to Marie Antoinette, I instead found LiO’s song “I Dream of Marie Antoinette”, then learned it was just released a couple of weeks ago on January 22. They played in Boston last night and they’re currently working their way through NYC on the way to the midwest.

For all I know, they’re headed for KISS-108…..or indie darling underground status….time will tell. Their website has their EP streamed HERE.

Of course they’re Swedish; Love in October is:

Erik Widman – Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Moog

Kent Widman – Bass, Moog

Charlie Abbott – Guitar, Piano

Chresten Hyde – Drums


Lenny Kravitz?………pass. Here’s some new stuff.

Dear friend Alina says I missed a great show last night: Lenny Kravitz at the Orpheum. You can be sure I’ve got nothing but love for Lenny, but I don’t think I’ve got 90+ minutes to devote to his tunes. Here are a couple of bands that weren’t even born when Lenny released “Are You Gonna Go My Way” at age 29……FIFTEEN YEARS AGO!! I’m sure he’s got earrings older than these kids.

First, The Locarnos, who range from 14 to 15.

Admittedly, this wine will benefit from some time in the bottle, but I appreciate the energy. This is “Don’t Give Me A Hard Time” :

Next, Lo-Fi Culture Scene, who are more like 13-14 (8th and 9th graders!)

These kids have played alongside some faves of mine, including The Foals and Bloc Party. They have a gig coming up in London with the Arctic Monkeys that’s 18+, meaning they couldn’t get in if they weren’t onstage!

Go to their MySpace page HERE and check out “Take It Or Leave It”, which will be the flipside to this, their first single, “Abstract” (kudos to dany at exitfare for bringing them to my attention)