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Taken By Trees, White Hinterland at MFA

It’s my understanding that some people like being busy; I’m not one of those people. I’ve been so busy that this is my first opportunity to blog about the Taken By Trees/White Hinterland show I caught at the MFA an entire week ago!

The show was terrific, in an entirely adult and sophisticated setting: no pushing, shoving, screaming, standing, eating, cell-phoning, or any of the other annoying activities so common at live shows. This small, comfortable space (about 200 in attendance this night) has recently hosted Vampire Weekend as well – I can kick myself for missing that show.

White Hinterland opened; jazz-influenced indie folk/pop with (exquisite) violin in lieu of guitar, and a percussionist who featured a saw (!) among his instruments. Beautifully talented singer Casey Dienel seems shy and fragile, not unlike Aimee Mann seemed when I met her backstage at an Elvis Costello show in ’87 (you think THAT’s name-dropping—don’t get me started), but she certainly commands attention. A Jamaica Plain native,  she said she was happy to be home. Of course, the tour has just leaped from east coast (Montreal, last Monday) to west (West Hollywood last Thursday), with SXSW shows in Austin to follow, so it may be a while before we see her again. Check out their MySpace page, or click right here for “Dreaming Of The Plum Trees”:

casey dienel of White Hinterland 

Casey Dienel of White Hinterland

Victoria Bergsman began the Taken By Trees set by announcing she didn’t feel well, but it was hardly evident in her performance. From the opener “Julia” (pronounced yoo-lee-ya) to set-ender “Too Young” (I could be wrong about that being last), all songs came from their debut, Open Field, with one notable exception: GNR cover “Sweet Child O’ Mine”, which was L’s fave, and now must be included on my April St. Martin vacation CD. Check it out at their MySpace page, or click HERE to download/play.


Victoria Bergsman of Taken By Trees