volume 11….coming soon!

…first, let’s start (again) with a little reminder, both for email subscribers and direct blog readers (where DID you stumble in from?): all the eddieo compilation CDs, dating back to Summer 2004, are here on the site for your listening and downloading pleasure. You can even podcast them, as I myself did with Rick Corson’s “Scrod” (also here on the site), which allows me to simply select it from among the other podcasts in my iTunes and play away. So, feel free to scroll down (way down), and you’ll find volumes 1-10.

Okay; commercial over! Volume 11, in the works, thanks to a couple of inspirational new tracks I’ve recently learned about (from reading other, better blogs!). First up, White Lies, and their song “Death“, which I learned of from dany at Exitfare (even NME steals from him!)

White Lies

This UK trio, currently touring with Crystal Castles (they’re down below somewhere too), have just enough reverence for the fabulous eighties but also plenty of fresh attitude. I can be a little trigger happy with the tonearm, and I almost bailed on this one at 30 seconds. From 0:33 to about 1:00 it was mildly intriguing, than it smacked me around a bit, the way I like. This is the kind of song I like to listen to about twenty times in a row, to temper my infatuation. Listen, contemplate, feedback if you like.

Duffy serves as proof that there’s more to Britain’s retro soul fascination than just Amy Winehouse. As MixTape Maestro said in January, last year we all sang along “no, no, no” and this year we’ll be singing “yeah, yeah, yeah”, the infectious hook from her new song “Mercy”, added to Indie 103.1 just 3 weeks ago. Admittedly a bit easier on the eyes than my girl Amy:


…you won’t be surprised by the Dusty Springfield influence, which I found a very welcome element. Check out her MySpace, or click here:

“Not Nineteen Forever”, by Manchester (UK)’s The Courteeners was a little slow to win me over, but it’s in big rotation on BBC1, BBC6, and XFM, so it wore me down, and I’m glad it did. The guys have all been friends since they were ten years old, which, from the look of them, was a few hours ago.

the courteeners

As always, check the MySpace for some tastes, but the hit’s not there, at least not yet. Play it by clicking below.

There’ll also be some familiar names on 11 as well, with newish releases from Hard Fi and The Kooks, that great Nada Surf tune in the SXSW post, and some stuff I’m still unearthing…….more on that soon. Rock on.


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  1. Posted by Rick on March 31, 2008 at 10:29 am

    My brief (and very likely inaccurate) history of the recent British retro-soul girl attack: Thee Headcoatees > Holly Golightly > The Pipettes > Amy Winehouse > Duffy > ???


  2. I don’t know if I count Holly and her old band, Thee Headcoatees, among this particular sub-sub-sub genre (can we even remember when “alternative” might have meant something?) Thee Headcoatees, to me, more celebrate psychedelic WHITE 60’s than the Motown/Stax BLACK 60’s. Like more rock than soul. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…in fact, The Duke Spirit, another new find of mine for volume 11, has that Jefferson Airplane, trippy 60’s sound as well, in addition to a really fun addictive website, where the band members hold vintage albums of influence. Check it out:


  3. haha. so many people thought that NME thing was serious. anyway. i actually like duffy!


  4. dany, I believe everything you say! now, if you had written it today, April 1st, maybe not….


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