Here it is: volume 11!

Well, no surprises here. I’ve raved about most of these songs in the last week or two. Some I haven’t mentioned are by old eddieo compilation faves like Hard-Fi and The Kooks. Others are just in massive rotation on BBC6 and XFM. I’m gonna keep mum on extraneous details, as I’d really love to get your own comments, good, bad, or indifferent (indifferent is the worst!)

Let’s make this the first non-CD compilation! We’ll save some fake plastic trees (sorry Thom).

volume 11

Okay, first step would be to access the playlist HERE. Once there, you can play it, download it, or podcast it to your iTunes. If you must burn it to CD, here’s your CD sleeve or jewel box liner, courtesy of iTunes: volume-11


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  1. Posted by Rick on April 11, 2008 at 10:55 am

    My two favorites are The Locarnos, who remind me (not only because of the name) of Los Campesinos. But a little more serious, which may be a good thing because i fear the cutesiness of Los Campesinos could wear thin on me. The other is the Duke Spirit. I’ve now heard a few things from their latest, all pretty strong.

    My least favorite; The Enemy. For some reason I can’t put my finger on, i absolutely hate this song. it sounds to me like an American Idol rendition of an ’80s orchestral pop ballad that wasn’t good in the first place… finger placed.


  2. I think The Enemy, White Lies, The Courteeners, and, to a lesser degree perhaps, Nada Surf all represent 80’s era arena rock, but at its best. Grand, sweeping, epic….these compilations always start with one or two songs that seem to urge me to put together a new set. The Enemy’s “This Song Is About You” was one of those songs this time. The Locarnos, on the other hand, first seemed like an interesting novelty to me (they’re all, like, 14 years old), but that song stayed in my head nicely. How about that Dan le Sac’s rhymes? Like Eminem, without the rage!


  3. Posted by Rick on April 12, 2008 at 7:16 pm

    ’80’s arena rock… the reason i turned to punk rock in the first place. it’s all adding up. And unfortunately, for me, coming full circle. Now ’70’s arena rock is altogether different for me; bring on Foghat… seriously though, 70’s is where i’d place White Stripes, more than ’80s.

    And you know those Essex kids can really rap a line…. Dan le Sac, Venetia, the list is endless! Give her a 40 and some beats; look out Tupac!

    V’s old stomping grounds must be the next musical hotbed, first These New Puritans and now these guys in Dan le Sac vs… both from Southend-on-Sea area. (with apologies to the first go ’round from this area, namely Depeche Mode and Yaz(oo).

    all in all- as always – well done on the comp!


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