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whatever happened to “what I really want to do is direct”?


Add Scarlett Johansson to the list of actors/actresses that wanna be rock stars! Tomorrow (Tuesday May 20) her CD entitled “Anywhere I Lay My Head” drops. Mostly Tom Waits covers, it’s not terrible. Check out the MySpace page for clips and such, including “I imagined a sound that was very Deborah Harry; very Liz Fraser from the Cocteau Twins, very This Mortal Coil” and “the album should sound like ‘Tinkerbell on cough syrup’ “.

man, those Apple commercials rock!

It’s no secret that Apple has great taste in music. Over the (4) years I’ve been making my indie rock compilations, Apple commercials have been the source of a number of discoveries. The Caesars’ “Jerk It Out”, Wolfmother’s “Love Train”, and Rhinocerose’s “Cubicle” all found their way onto compilations (numbers 3, 6, and 6, respectively, all here on the site, below….way below) after I heard them first on iPod commercials. More recently Yael Naim’s “New Soul” and MJB’s “Work That” got onto SXM 2008 the same way. Occasionally, I’ve been a bit ahead of Apple. Jet, The Vines, and Feist were on compilations before (maybe just days before) I ever heard them on a commercial.

The latest iPod commercial features The Ting Tings, which are featured on volume 11 with “Great DJ”, but Apple snagged the better song, “Shut Up And Let Me Go”

The Ting Tings

Katie White and Jules De Martino, who make up The Ting Tings, seem likely candidates for major US rotation when their CD breaks May 20th (MTV is currently streaming it free at The Leak, HERE). Is it rock, is it pop, is it dance? Who cares; just enjoy!

Some other faves from previous Apple ads:

Daft Punk – Technologic

Brendan Benson – What I’m Looking For

Propellerheads – Take California

Duffy, Estelle, Kate Nash, Santogold…..

Whenever I’m at a loss for subjects to blog about, Sidekick (in the Boston Globe) seems to come along with content. Today’s Sidekick mostly just validates some of my recent choices.

First up, Duffy….


Her “Mercy” was featured on volume 11 (post #51, HERE) and “I’m Scared” is on SXM 2008 (post #53, HERE). I’ve seen her Rockferry CD for $7.99 at Best Buy, which is a steal, as all her stuff is very listenable. Joan Anderman’s review, like most, references Lulu and Dusty Springfield, as well as Amy Winehouse. I agree, and I like that it’s reminiscent of the sixties without being too reverential. Sample tracks at her MySpace page, including the one Joan dubs essential, “Warwick Avenue”

Next up, Estelle:


I had included her “American Boy” (featuring Kanye West) on SXM2008 (again, post #53, HERE), and I wish I had access to more tracks at the time. Not much on her MySpace page, but check the Shine CD on Amazon HERE for listening samples. While Sarah Rodman exclaims “Move over, Duffy” in her review, there’s nothing retro here, just nice modern R&B-tinged pop. Her choices of duet partners – Kanye, Wyclef Jean, John Legend and Cee-Lo Green(of Gnarls Barkley) – is spot on, as they say in her native London.

Kate Nash, while not in today’s Globe, just got another profile on NPR.

Kate Nash...again!

I think I burned my wife out on Kate Nash, playing her non-stop (including some really raw demos) from November to February, but I still love her stuff; I just wish there was more of it. And a little trivia: barely a day goes by that “Kate Nash” is not the most common search item leading traffic to this site. Even today (before this post appeared), of the 13 views that were the result of searches, 6 searched Kate or her CD, Made of Bricks. She’s down in posts #19, #14, and #11….just scroll down; maybe you’ll see something else you missed before!

And one more artist that was in Sidekick, Brooklyn’s Santogold:


While I can’t make any claims to having been aware of her before today’s Globe arrived, I wish I could. I would have put “Your Voice” on SXM 2008, and it’s a free download HERE. Not much on her MySpace page, but I like the free track, which was in Sidekick’s “Free Loading” column, and is straight-up, rub-a-dub stylee, breezy reggae. Again, let me direct you to, where you can preview tracks and/or buy the whole mp3 album – which covers a lot of ground: peppy, trippy, indie….you name it – for $7.99

we’re back…..

Hey, we’ve been away, having taken the djeddieo show on the road for the annual Caribbean relaxation tour. While we’ve been taking the trip for the last six years, only in the last two have I compiled a “soundtrack” CD for the trip: somewhat more accessible pop than I usually like that we can enjoy as a family in the car, by the pool, in the villa, etc. Last year’s, heavy with Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen and the like, became a summer staple as well. So, on that note, let me share this year’s with y’all, HERE. Download direct to your mp3 player (or burn a CD if you must) for your summertime listening pleasure.

While much in St. Martin has changed this year (like the Euro costing $1.62, for example), much is the same, as we would have hoped. Rasmo My buddy Jerry, who goes by the name “Rasmo”, still walks Orient Beach each day selling his calabashes (it’s like a mini-coconut that he fashions into a kind of purse; a totally useless yet must-have souvenir). Jerry’s got nothing to do with music, but I like him and I bought him the Celtics shirt, so I wanted to show him to the world (all 20 of you).

Another fixture on the beach is Dread I, a local reggae singer.

Dread I

Dread I walks the beach pitching his own music, offering listens from his discman and selling CDs directly. It’s not the kind of activity that would give one very high expectations for the quality of the music, but it turns out to be very good. It was actually Rasmo that told me to give it a listen, and I bought the above “Share Dem” CD last year and loved it. If you genuinely like reggae music, you’ll like Dread I. His new CD comes out in June, and I plan to buy it online. In the meantime, check out one of my favorites from Share Dem, “Try Again”:

Lastly, it’s not just breezy island music on my mind. Portishead has a new CD out, titled “Third”. I love a band that waits until they have something NEW to say before they churn out a new record (as good as the new R.E.M. CD is, does it cover new ground for you? For that matter, when was the last time U2 had anything new to say?) After ten years off, Portishead is back with music just as trippy as ever, but a little more aggressive and irritating, which can be good for you at times. Check out “Machine Gun”, then go buy the whole CD.