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miss me….?…..I do!!!

How prophetic (and pathetic) that my LAST post whined about how long it had been between posts, and now it’s been even longer. I’ve been very busy with work, and those that know me know I’m not usually a big fan of the full workday (I doubt my boss will ever take up my invitation to this site). Anyway, I find myself with little time to even listen to any music, never mind go out and find new music. Occasionally, when the all-day news of bank failings, dollar-crashing, war-casualties, and political rhetoric is too much to bear, I switch to WMBR or WERS (MIT and Emerson College stations, respectively). I did that for a few minutes the other day and heard a couple of things worth mentioning.

The Airborne Toxic Event

This band immediately made me think my friend Kent would like them. Check their MySpace page for the tunes; “This Is Nowhere” was the cut I liked. In the event you find yourself dismissive, go read the bio on Wikipedia, then cut this 2 year old band some slack.

Pas/Cal, who’s name would lead you to think they’re, maybe, from Pasadena (California), are from Detroit. No White Stripes/Von Bondies fury here, though. Bright, shiny pop. The new CD is titled “I Was Raised OnĀ  Matthew, Mark, Luke and Laura”, which is an inside joke that I’m guessing young fans won’t get (comment away). In fact, I think that CD title influences my opinion of them…..meaning that it helped nudge my thumb up. Visit their MySpace, as well as their Website, and there’s a free DOWNLOAD of “Little Red Radio”.

That’s all for now: work beckons again!