Switches, Lily Allen

Well, I thought that Rick “Buzz Biscuits” Corson was champing at the bit to start blogging, but it looks like I’m squeezing one more in before he takes the baton.

Flipping thru a 3 month old Spin Magazine, I see Switches listed among editor Doug Brod’s faves. (odd that it would interest me, as his other faves – Cheap Trick, XTC, Fountains of Wayne – didn’t have me running for Limewire). Anyway, a quick trip to their MySpace page hooked me. (warning: this is one of those MySpace pages where a video way down the page starts automatically, then the audio player starts, resulting in sonic trainwreck….pause the audio player before it starts, and enjoy the video to Drama Queen, whether you look at the images or not, then listen to the equally great Inferior Interior on the audio player). Check the website too; obviously this stuff has been out for a while (released 7/17/07!), so some the hipper visitors to this blog are already over it, but my core audience of reluctant middle-aged suburbanites should eat it up. I found a free download at Sideload.com, a site I check frequently; search “switches” and grab Drama Queen before it’s gone.

I thought I was all done with Lily Allen, to be honest. Once she gave us Kate Nash (possible big mistake on her part), her stuff seemed a bit trite by comparison. A few songs on her MySpace page, however are nicely Kate-Nash-ish, about falling in love, breaking up, despising each other, and other touching topics. As easy on the eyes as ever with the blonde ‘do, Lily shines in “Who’d Of Known” [grammar police: shouldn’t that be “…have known”?] , “I Don’t Know”, and “I Could Say”. “Guess Who Batman” is fun too, though be careful not to play for the kiddies, lest they learn fun new phrases! Also see what a “good sport” she is in this video clip:

Alright, NOW maybe the next voice you read will be Rick’s…..ciao!

2 responses to this post.

  1. Who’d of known is just a simple play on words, to bring attention to the title, (it worked) good song, Lily’s showing a good direction. Kate Nash is (as Lily Allen puts it well good!) the public has not tired of Lily Allen they just tired of the bad press that she gets


  2. you’re entitled to your opinion james, but I disagree. what’s the play on words in “who’d of known”? many song titles play on words, though right now I can’t think of many….”D’yer Maker” by Led Zeppelin comes to mind…a play on “Jamaica” since the song is reggae, and ‘jamaica’ is about how a cockney would pronounce “did you make her?” (I’d guess that’s how Lily would pronounce it, actually).
    I would be a lot more inclined to believe that she doesn’t know the difference between “have known” and “of known”….nor should she; she’s not writing literature. I’m sure there are plenty of examples of songwriters, some great, mixing up your and you’re, or their and they’re, or other grammar errors that are only errors once their [sic] written down!


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