The new boss is demanding!

Unfortunately, champing at the bit and being prepared aren’t mutually exclusive. But now I’m about ready to get this blogging thing going…

First, a big thanks to djeddieo for allowing me to crash his space. I hope this will be a win-win, not only for Edward and myself, but for the loyal readers… even more bands and tunes for you to check out and hopefully enjoy.

Love as Laughter

Love as Laughter

The band Love as Laughter have already put in some blogosphere miles this year (and years past for sure, having formed in 1994!), but are still seemingly unheralded. Their new album Holy is quickly warming on me as a real contender. The lead single, All Parts of Me, which you’ll hear immediately on going to their MySpace page is one of the catchiest songs I’ve heard in a while. Don’t let the Talking Heads and world music rhythms completely set your expectations. The rest of the album is a bit more straight-forward, but in a good way. Crosseyed Beautiful Youngunz and Konny and Jimmy (if you can find it) are two more keepers.

Catfish Haven

Catfish Haven

The newest entry on my list of eagerly anticipated releases is Devastator by Catfish Haven (out October 7). I had never heard of these guys until last week, but the single Set in Stone has set my expectations high. Download it from their site or just listen to it at MySpace. Grizzly looking indie-rockers from Chicago playing with R&B/Soul can never be a bad mix… can it?

Carried to Dust

Carried to Dust

Far from being new or undiscovered, but still a little off the main radar, Calexico have a new Mexicali/folk/rock album coming out on September 9 called Carried to Dust. The first single is Two Silver Trees. Incredible musicians, these guys continue to put out music that’s sincere to the roots they honor, but still make it feel fresh by throwing in some dub or electronics when least expected.

I hadn’t realized until now how heavily they contributed to the I’m Not There soundtrack. They back up various folks on 5 separate tracks. Goin’ to Acapulco, featuring Jim James from My Morning Jacket on vocals, is the one showcased on Calexico’s MySpace.

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