Different post… different Boss…

Generally I don’t race to artists who get the “Springsteen-like” tag.   So I was happy to have unwittingly stumbled upon the prolific Jason Anderson and the stream of one of his current albums, The Hopeful and the Unafraid.   The Boss-tag is accurate with this album of working class, on the road, American rockers.  And although originally from New Hampshire (not Jersey), he is building a loyal following for his energetic and frequent shows – evidenced by a request on his site “Please write with ideas and strategies. I will play anywhere!”  For some reason this doesn’t come across as desperation for a gig, just that he loves to play music.  Sound familiar?  It may, but that doesn’t mean it sounds old.

Far from welcoming, the band Jaguar Love aren’t going to win anyone over with music you can ease right into.  On first listen, the shrill vocals will turn most folks away.  It did for me.  Those of you who remember Larry Bangor from the Zulus can use him as a relatively calm reference point.  For some reason I gave them a second listen and now I hear the great songs beyond the vocals.  Highways of God is the single getting play, but it was Bonetrees and a Broken Heart on their MySpace that made me reconsider.  Listen to it once to understand what you’re in for, then try again and really decide what you think.

I don’t know how I feel about this acquired-taste approach.  Shouldn’t it be love at first hear?  But then again, I remember the first time I drank Scotch and that didn’t go down too easy!

For you Walkmen fans, or the uninitiated, here is a great live version of their latest single, In the New Year. The cramped intimacy of Juan’s Basement works perfectly – you get the urgency of live music without it getting lost in a large space and sound system.

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