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Taken By Trees…new single

Hey, here’s one I missed, though only by a couple of weeks. My cousin Wayne’s daughter (and therefore my cousin) Amber is a college freshman with a nice little catalogue of performances, mostly just her and her acoustic guitar and sweet voice, nicely YouTubed and collected at for your convenience.

Her cover versions are of the faithful variety, so I’ve been trying to bombard Wayne with examples of those covers that take songs in completely new directions (Mark Ronson’s Amy Winehouse take on The Zuton’s “Valerie” continues to be the best example), which led to a revisit to the MySpace page of Taken By Trees to bookmark “Sweet Child of Mine”. While there, I discovered that Victoria released a new “summer single” on August 22nd (does the summer run longer in Sweden?) called “Sweetness”. It’s there on the MySpace page, along with a really cool remix by label mates Air France, called, oddly enough, “The Sweetness of Air France”. Both cuts were also mentioned on Pitchfork, where they’re available for download, at least as of this writing. Nothing earth-shattering, but if you like Victoria Bergsman as I do, they’re must haves.