Tonsils, Surf City, and Deerhunter


I could attribute my lack of recent contributions to the fact that I just had a tonsillectomy and the only song I could really relate to was Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out by The Replacements.  Fortunately it’s one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite bands, so it was an acceptable earworm.

The reality is that not much has hit me lately.  I had visions of using my sick-time to correct this and force myself to find something new and good.  So much for noble intentions.  I don’t know,  maybe everyone is too busy working on their end of year lists!  (ed. note: my year end comp is in the works – stay tuned).

Fortunately it wasn’t all in vain.  Out of these efforts comes Surf City.  The distant, fuzzed out vocals of the first MySpace track, Records of a Flagpole Skater, sound like Jesus and Mary Chain… and with their original name (Kill Surf City) and its obvious JMC nod you might expect a Psycho-Candy rehash.  But the other songs here, 2 of which also show up on their current EP,  prove that reaction to be inaccurate.  They mix in quick, catchy rhythms and a little bit of new surf feel to make their own rave-ups.  They land somewhere in the realm of the previously blogged Underground Railroad to Candyland and…

…Deerhunter.  Their newest album Microcastles has been getting high praise (I predict it will be Pitchfork’s #1).  The single Nothing Ever Happened provides one of the catches, as well as Never Stops – both can be heard on their MySpace page.   Much of the album is tougher to jump right into…. think OK Computer or any Sonic Youth offering… so if you like some complexity this could fit the bill.  Or if you want to go one step further, try prolific band leader Bradford Cox’s other project – Atlas Sound.

Here’s a grittier, live version of Nothing Ever Happened


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