The Magnificents, Nick Harrison

Here’s a song that sounds like it could be an undiscovered 80’s recording – let’s all try to name what influences we hear! (I’ll start….I hear The Alarm!)

The Magnificents

The Magnificents

The Edinborough quartet actually first released this on an EP in May 2007, but it’s just starting to get big buzz, and rightly so. An oft quoted comment from their MySpace page reads “If you are too tight to pay for it try a torrent site or sit between two stereos, one playing Lou Reeds Metal Machine Music and one playing ABBAs The Visitors very loudly. The effect is very similar. You f***ing skinflint.” Sounds good, but I’d recommend just spending the dough! Seven bucks for the download HERE.


Nick Harrison works the ska beat, in the sincere English way, as opposed to the caffeinated California style. Check out “Oi Rude Boy”, and be assured I’ll be rockin’ this tune when I’m in Jamaica this April:

Click HERE.

Nick Harrison, cheeky monkey

Nick Harrison, cheeky monkey

Originally a drummer, the 24 year old switched to singer/songwriter when he couldn’t get drumming gigs, and we’re the beneficiaries. Read his whole bio, if you like, at his website, or go to his MySpace page to hear 5 really fun tunes from the new CD, One Drop, out now and available HERE.  Nick and his trio are currently on tour in the UK.

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