Who needs oldies???

I had already decided upon the title of this post when Catherine Wheel’s “Black Metallic” (1992) came on my satellite radio. Okay, I stand corrected: an occasional oldie, preferably underappreciated and seldom heard, is a good thing. I’m sure “Black Metallic” still gets regular rotation on WFNX’s Leftover Lunch, but I’ve so long ago stopped listening to my local stations that I’m not really sure (generally too much late 90s grunge, not enough stuff from this – the 21st – century). Video being easier to post than mp3, here’s “Black Metallic” for those so inclined (I couldn’t bear to watch past 20 seconds, but I did listen).

The reason I might argue that there’s no need for oldies is the abundance of new music faithfully rooted in old genres. Take, for example, Dan Auerbach’s recent solo release, Keep It Hid.

Dan Auerbach

Dan Auerbach

As authentic to the delta blues as anything that the Allman Brothers, Creedence Clearwater Revival, or my beloved J. Geils Band ever did, yet offering  the freshness of discovery that only a new release can, Keep It Hid can be sampled at Dan’s MySpace page. Normally, authentic blues is not my cup of moonshine, and, true to my nature, it’s the track “Heartbroken In Disrepair” that really graps me, with its tremeloed guitar smacking of the shaggy seventies, even while evoking Johnny Marr’s iconic “How Soon Is Now” riff. Check out the non-video video here:

Buy the vinyl LP and enjoy the scratchy sound at the bargain price of $8.99! [I was recently told that I’m showing a propensity toward “scratchy female vocalists”; not sure I agree, but I’ll cop to Dan’s scratchiness]Dan is the lead singer/guitarist of Akron, Ohio’s The Black Keys, recently highlighted here by Buzz Biscuits, and he churns out equally faithful bluesy rock on their current CD, Attack And Release.

The Hold Steady

The Hold Steady

Brooklyn’s The Hold Steady has always sounded, to my ears, like a Southside Johnny and The Asbury Jukes tribute band, perhaps one in a rock opera or Broadway show about that segment of rock and roll that requires a saxophone and a Hammond B3 organ. No surprise then when I heard that they had been selected by Bruce Springsteen to cover “Atlantic City” for the “Heroes” benefit album.


[Benefiting children affected by war in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere, the CD took 15 “legends” and asked them to pick one of their songs and a new artist to cover it; click the CD image above for more info]

This is a cover of the very faithful variety, likely even to please Springsteen fans. Hear it HERE.

Jamie Lidell

Jamie Lidell

I’m surprised Jamie Lidell isn’t more popular, what with the explosion of post-Amy Winehouse neo-sixties soul/R&B all over the UK having spilled over to the US. Heck, even the neo-crooner category of Michael Buble, John Pizzarelli, and the other Jamie, Jamie Cullum, could share some of their admittedly limited spotlight. Britain born and based now in Berlin, Lidell’s current release, Jim, has a couple of standout tracks. Check out “A Little Bit Of Feel Good” and  “Another Day”, in video form, below (again, easier to post….me? I listen without watching).

Of course, my favorite Jamie Lidell song is still 2006’s “A Little Bit More”, made familiar by a Target commercial. Hear it HERE.

The Vivian Girls

The Vivian Girls

From Brooklyn by way of New Jersey,  The Vivian Girls evoke that era before stereo and high fidelity were even important. Their eponymous debut CD is a quick listen, with 10 tracks barely breaking 22 minutes. Surfy, garagey, and lo-fi, “Where Do Run To” is the standout, in my opinion. Click their photo above to go to their website, or find their MySpace page HERE.


Hey Ocean

Hey Ocean

Hey Ocean is certainly more like what you’ve come to expect from me: bouncy, happy, non-scratchy, female pop. From Vancouver, the quartet gets jazzy and folky at times, but generally settles into unthreatening pop territory. Check out hook-laden “Too Soon” now, before it gets picked up by adult contemporary radio (do they still call it that?) and gets played all over the dial. You can listen and download it HERE, at a Dutch website I stumbled upon. Their MySpace page gives a little more, but “Too Soon” is the gem.

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  1. Posted by buzz biscuits on March 11, 2009 at 10:29 am

    i heartily endorse Dan Auerbach. picked up the CD a few weeks back; it is solid from beginning to end. there are also obvious shades of Them era Van Morrison.


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