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Lisa Hannigan

I have a soft spot for sweet (not scratchy) female vocals, like Victoria Bergsman, Lykke Li, Feist, Lenka, Yael Naim; all mentioned here at one time or another. Of course I like lots of other categories of female vocals (Aimee Mann, for example, straddles multiple genres for me), but the quietly breathy variety brings me back to the days when I could spend all day Sunday in bed with the newspaper and cup after cup of coffee, then tea. Well, I no longer can justify hours and hours of laying around “recharging”, or whatever that was, which makes the occasional 3 minute “mini-break” with an admittedly twee song that much more valuable.

Lisa Hannigan

Lisa Hannigan

Ireland’s Lisa Hannigan is a great new addition to my list. Of course, she wouldn’t be new to me had I been a fan of Damian Rice, who had featured her vocals since 2001. Having missed that boat, I was delighted to have tuned in to, of all things, The Colbert Report on Comedy Central, where Steven Colbert had Lisa as a guest on Monday night. She performed a song called “I Don’t Know”, which prompted some fun banter when Colbert asked her the title before the performance. Hear the beautiful CD version on her MySpace page, or watch this very watchable video:

In advance of the September Ireland release of her solo debut, Sea Sew, the song “Lille” was released as a free download on her website (where it’s now 89 pence, but I found it free online HERE), or watch another very watchable video (this one I couldn’t take my eyes off during first view):

This is the rare CD I recommend buying in its entirety, or just purchase it as a download for $7.99 HERE.

Other standout songs include “An Ocean And A Rock”, “Keep It All”, and “Sea Song”.