new music from old finds, and streamable free! Cage The Elephant & British Sea Power

I see that British Sea Power has a new CD out, and I know that band name sounds familiar, so I search my iTunes to jog my memory…….hmmmm, nothing there. Search and I did, indeed, write about them back in February 2008. All I said was that their then new CD, “Do You Like Rock Music?”, was well-reviewed and that I wanted it all, but I guess I forgot to download it ;-(

If Arcade Fire, The Pigeon Detectives, or maybe The Kooks are currently floating your boat, you’ll enjoy British Sea Power. The new LP, Valhalla Dancehall, is streamable HERE. and it’s all great (like that last one that I’ll have to also dig up). The first single is “Living Is So Easy”, if you care about such things.

Cage The Elephant
Cage The Elephant

Cage The Elephant was also blogged about here in February 2008, sharing a post with Vampire Weekend. This new LP of theirs, “Thank You Happy Birthday”, is just plain awesome, and streamable HERE for now, but it can’t last forever. I swear I hear Frank Black-influence, but what do I know? Go listen, then YOU tell ME which song should be on djeddieo #22!
Oh, and if you’re like me, and great live shows are only memories, check out this CTE appearance at Grimey’s Record Store basement, in Nashville.


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