new EP from Roshambo….

I mentioned Roshambo 2 years or so ago, in the SAME POST as my first mention of Lana Del Rey, who has seemed to receive substantially more press than the Swedish trio since then. That’s not fair, and I love Lana at least as much as the next guy. Roshambo reminds me of early U2, with jangly, listenable songs and an identifiable but far-from-generic continuity in style. Now, when I first heard U2 in 1980-81, you could catch them at Boston’s Paradise Rock Club (cap. 900 or so) and hear “11 O’Clock Tick Tock” twice in a set (and 2 sets in a night!) Will Roshambo be rock royalty 30+ years from now? From my lips to God’s (and Ryan Seacrest’s) ears!

The new EP is called Beach Wolf and it picks up right where last year’s Lonesome Men From The Woods left off. First “single” “Run” is a good place to start….

Like Arctic Monkeys before them, Roshambo started as a bunch of friends (3, in Roshambo’s case) that could barely play instruments but wanted desperately to be a band. A couple of years practicing “in the deep woods of Sweden” and they now have more than enough chops to hold my interest song after song. Like the aforementioned U2’s early material, Beach Wolf’s songs hint at epic-ness but without bombast: plenty of “space around the notes” to give it time to sink in and get comfortable. See these guys in small venues while you can, because these songs are too arena-friendly for them to be there long. And if you like “Run,” go listen to and buy Beach Wolf HERE, on their Bandcamp page, paying whatever you want. A US dollar per song (that’s a little more than 6 Swedish Kronor) seems fair to me but your karma is your business.

For old times’ sake and your convenience, here are a couple of my older favorite Roshambo tunes:



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