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Argo: the film soundtrack without any of the songs from the film!!

I saw the excellent film “Argo” over the weekend, and it is soooo worth your time and energy. Those of us of a certain age remember all too well the Iran hostage crisis of 1979-1980, but if we remember these particular events at all, we only remember the lies we were told about the six Americans who escaped some 2 months into the ordeal, while 52 remaining hostages were kept 444 days. This movie combines elements of “Wag The Dog,” “The Sting” and “Oceans 11” to deliver a gripping thriller that details the now-declassified CIA plot to rescue these six (who were able to escape the initial embassy takeover, then hid out at the home of the Canadian Ambassador), using a far-fetched cover story that cast them as Canadian filmmakers, scouting locations for a science-fiction action movie set in the Middle East. I won’t spoil any more of the “based on a true story” plot, save to say that Ben Affleck not only delivers a white-knuckled, ticking time bomb of tension, he also completely nails the looks and sounds of late 70’s fashion and music (in case you think, as I did, that he was a little heavy handed with eyeglass frames and mustache shapes, stick around for the closing credits for side-by-side views of the actors and the actual diplomats).

But back to the soundtrack. I was never a big Rolling Stones or Van Halen fan back then, but “Little T and A” and “Dance The Night Away” were far more ubiquitous back then than the Joy Division/English Beat/The Jam stuff I was into, so those tunes bring the era back even better, even for me.

Later in the film, Led Zeppelin’s “When The Levee Breaks” provides the backdrop for one of those drinking sessions that’s more about trying to create false courage and real anesthesia than it is about celebrating anything, and while it was close to a decade old at that point in time, Zep’s “ZOSO” 4th LP maintained its stamp on long-haired America’s psyche well into the 70’s and maybe beyond. Another great pick.

Here’s where I run into trouble remebering the other great songs in the film, so lets look to the official soundtrack for a list:

1. Argo
2. A Spy In Tehran
3. Scent Of Death
4. The Mission
5. Hotel Messages
6. Held Up By Guards
7. The Business Card
8. Breaking Through The Gates
9. Tony Grills The Six
10. The Six Are Missing
11. Sweatshop
12. Drive To The Airport
13. Missing Home
14. Istanbul – The Blue Mosque
15. Bazaar
16. Cleared Iranian Airspace

That’s right; the official soundtrack features ONLY the songs from the film’s original score written by Academy Award-nominated composer Alexandre Desplat. Not that it’s not a wonderful score, but I can’t be the only one looking for the period stuff, at least on a list!

I recently looked up the soundtrack to another great film from earlier this year, “Celeste and Jesse Forever,” and found a great blog-brother HERE. There, Fauxmat blogger Andrew lamented that the soundtrack to that film (a delightfully diverse mix of lost 70’s bubblegum, vintage soul, ambient chill and Lily Allen) was as-yet unreleased, then found his site inundated with 15000+ hits, as he was nearly the only Google-hit for “Celeste and Jesse Forever” Soundtrack.

May the same calamity befall me!

Sample the Argo score soundtrack HERE.

The latest “next Amy Winehouse”? I nominate…….

…..Cali, a 21 year old Seattle native who claims inspiration from Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Shirley Bassey, Sam Cooke, Lauren Hill (!) and mostly Dusty Springfield. That’s “mostly” Dusty according to her bio (read it yourself HERE) but I hear more Dame Shirley Bassey and even Eartha Kitt, but since this a girl who was 15 when the seminal “Back To Black” was released, so I’ve got my money on Ms. Winehouse being the original inspiration.


The first single from her soon to be released first LP is called “Yours Always” and is streamable HERE (it seems to skip around 4:57, BTW). I’m expecting better, more uptempo cuts when the LP, “Outta My Mind” comes out….. 


As long as I’m in a mood to nominate, latest Swedish indie breakout artist goes to Nina Kinert.

   The 28 year old beauty has been releasing music since 2004’s “Heartbreaktown” on Sonymusic. The big label evidently did nothing for her, as all her subsequent music has been self-released. Seek out 2010’s Red Leader Dream for the beautiful single “Play The World


Remember The Hives?? Who could forget “”Hate to Say I Told You So,” which exploded onto alternative radio in 2000 or so along with other entries in the neo-garage revival by The Strokes (“Last Night“), The White Stripes (“Fell in Love with a Girl“) and The Vines (“Get Free“). This was the music that reinstituted my faith in indie rock to rise above the pablum (in case you don’t remember, click HERE). Well, The Hives are back with their 5th (!) LP, titles Lex Hives, out this June. IIRC, these guys were recruited by a songriter/manager/svengali who dressed and groomed them a la The Monkees, not that they don’t rock as authentically as any pop/rock band that grew up on a street corner togetgher.

The Hives

The first single, “Go Right Ahead” is being teased at their website with 5 (I believe)  cheeky videos, each highlighting a different lick of the song, as well as an exclusive stream of the whole song at RollingStoneMusic. Well worth seeking out, IMHO.


All the Young  is a British quartet that proudly claims hometown Stoke on Trent (I had to Google it; it’s halfway between Liverpool and Birmingham, which gives them great accents). If these guys didn’t grow up listening to their parents’  Hüsker Dü albums, then Bob Mould himself might have a hand in the control room (that’s a smart-alecky joke that “makes no sense at all.” )

All the Young

Their LP, Welcome Home, came out in April; click HERE for the excellent single, “The First Time.”


Artists often find themselves between a rock and a hard place when it comes to growth, development and exploring new styles. Start playing classical lute like Sting or singing with string quartets like Elvis Costello and your original sneaker-wearing fanbase hits the exits. So far that’s not a problem for The Ting Tings. “Sounds From Nowheresville,” released a couple of weeks ago, picks right up where “We Started Nothing” left off, and that makes me look forward to as many Nothing/Nowhere/Nobody title variations that Katie and Jules can think up.

Go to their Soundcloud page and listen to a few of the new cuts (“Soul Killing,” “Hang It Up,” and “One By One,” for example) and you’ll just want to run out and buy the CD, which you should. My favorite? “Hit Me Down Sonny” (make a note of that: djeddieo on the record!)


Last tip for today is Oberhofer, a band about which I know little.

“New York via Tacoma” is what they clain as home on their Facebook page, where we also learn they’re a four-piece named Pete, Mat, Ben and Brad. My pick song is “Gotta Go” Click HERE for the non-video video.