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Where have I been? Mark Ronson’s April ’07 release….

I awoke this morning (after the totally rockin’ Second Annual O Family Holiday Extravaganza) to learn about a CD from the most unlikely of sources: Parade Magazine. Evidently, around the time that I was ‘discovering’ Amy Winehouse (April 2007, some 4 years after her debut), DJ Mark Ronson released “Version”, an ambitious project of cover tunes – some hits, some obscurities – done with various special guest vocalists, rappers and players (including Ms. Winehouse, whom I continue to love unconditionally). As per usual, I prefer covers that are real departures from the original (think Talking Head’s “Take Me To The River”), so it’s no surprise that the Amy song is the one that knocks me out. I don’t know how, if this came out in April, I haven’t heard it till now (and only after reading about it in Parade and scouring the web). Can anyone tell me if this is being played on some radio station I don’t listen to? It’s called “Valerie”

If you’re unfamiliar with the original version, by The Zutons, here it is:

If you love Amy as I do (tho’ I doubt you do), check this old interview (it’s long), from before Back To Black was released, and before her many subsequent problems. Could these songs be any MORE prophetic?
Amy on The Interface

I don’t deny the train wreck that is her life, but her talent is equally undeniable. Like Janis Joplin in her day, and we can only hope that it doesn’t end similarly.

Check this awesome, raw, acoustic treatment of “Valerie”:

…then this drunken live version:

You gotta admire the lovefest that is the British music scene: Kate Nash covering Black Kids, Arctic Monkeys covering Amy….do American bands do that? Here’s the Arctic Monkeys cover of “You Know I’m No Good”:


Summer 2007 volume 9

I never wanted to stop listening to volume 8 (see previous post). While packing for August vacation, I slapped this together, no longer worrying about not repeating an artist or using a song that’s already on the radio. This turns out to be wifey’s and Alina’s favorite (some people like things to be familiar). I was happy to have a place to put some Albert Hammond Jr., whose CD came to my attention right after I burned volume 8.

Here’s a different track from his CD. It’s called “In Transit (Obstinate):

click HERE for a different player which also allows download.

Or, just right-click HERE for the player to play all of volume 9 (open in a new tab or new window) which will also allow you to download.

Xmas 2005, volume 5

Most of these songs ended up getting radio airplay, some huge, but not as early as 12/05. I still love this CD, especially Cobra Verde’s cover of New Order’s Temptation (I made that a ringtone too). If I could have one do-over, I’d have used a different Arctic Monkey’s song. I think they’re great, But “dancefloor” was everywhere. If that’s the only Arctic Monkey’s song you know, listen to this:

To play (or download) the whole thing, right-click HERE for the player (open in a new tab or new window) which will also allow you to download.