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Hafdis Huld, Crystal Stilts, Generationals

Hafdis Huld

For those that remember the Icelandic band GusGus, nothing new here, but former band member Hafdis Huld has developed into quite the singer-songwriter, and especially easy on the eyes (I can say that uncreepily, as she’s 31). While this track is from an LP that she released in Iceland in October 2009 (and an advance track from the LP went to #1 there in July 2009), it was released globally in July 2010. If only MTV still played videos, she’d get some attention. More Lykke Li-ish (circa Youth Novels) than Bjork, Hafdis is, for me, the new face….I mean voice of Iceland.

Crystal Stilts

Lest we forget that Brooklyn is home to all the coolest stuff New York City has to offer, quintet Crystal Stilts is out with a sophomore effort to be called In Love With Oblivion. The track “Through The Floor” has that dreamy, surfey, sixties quality that I believe is achieved by having the vocalist stand way down the corridor from the rest of the band as they record. A male-vocal-led Best Coast, if you will. Download it free at


In a similarly retro, sixties vibe, but more twang and less fuzz, is Generationals‘ Actor-Caster, out this week (think T Rex; maybe some Norman Greenbaum!). I missed their 2009 debut Con Law, which I think you can still stream HERE, but this New Orleans duo has had tunes featured everywhere from Grey’s Anatomy to Bloomindale’s and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup commercials. The track “Ten-Twenty-Ten” has my foot and that of GD (my gorgeous daughter) all a-tappin’. DL it free at