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The new and the not so new….

I find myself scribbling down the names of songs and artists that catch my ear while listening to internet radio – all new to me, but often the littlest bit of research reveals that they might not be all that new. These songs may be well known to you (in which case, why didn’t you tell me about them??), or they might be as unknown to you as they were to me. Let’s start with The National’s “Fake Empire”

The National

The National

Released in the spring of 2007, I vaguely remember reading the name of the band, but I don’t believe Boston radio ever played this gem. Still their current album (next one slated for spring 2010 release), The Boxer featured guest appearances from Sufjan Stevens and Doveman, and was hailed as among the best releases of the year by and Paste magazine. The song “Fake Empire” was featured on a number of hip (but where are they now?) TV shows, like Chuck, Southland, and One Tree Hill (that one may still be on….I’m old) and was used often by the Obama campaign on its way to the White House. I must really have not been paying attention. Formed in Ohio in 1999, now based in Brooklyn (where else?), their MySpace page and website have all the relevant info. Here’s a 2007 Late Show appearance:

The Horrors

The Horrors

Now they just look like my kind of band! Trying too hard, maybe, but their look certainly matches their sound, with its Chameleons UK and Bauhaus overtones. Check out “Whole New Way”, formerly a B side off their Primary Colours LP, May 2009, it’s now slated for its own official release November 2.

Of course British, their MySpace and website will fill in any details you seek.

Emiliana Torrini is no stranger to these pages (pages?); the Icelandic singer with the Italian name has been mentioned a few times since the release of Me And Armini in 2008. “Heard It All Before” is another cut off of that, and, believe it or not, this video is fan-made…not official (and you think I have a lot of time on my hands!)

Emiliana’s website and MySpace, blah blah blah.

There’s always room for another pretty voiced female singer-songwriter on my iPod, and this week’s is Anna Ternheim.

Anna Terheim

Anna Terheim

A Swedish 21 year old, Anna’s got 4 LPs under her belt already, the latest being Leaving On A Mayday, which features the beautiful song “What Have I Done”. You can hear the LP version on her MySpace or website, but check out this spare and lovely piano-only video version (what’s with the chimp portrait Anna?):

Bad Veins is a duo out of Cincinnati with big buzz.

Bad Veins

Bad Veins

Their single “Gold & Warm”, still a free download at last I checked, has plenty of Strokes influence, but with more studio tricks and polish. Still, the raw garagey nature of the song shines through (or more like dulls through the shine). Read all about them if you like at their website, listen to more of their tracks on their MySpace , or check them out on tour, currently working their way back east from Oregon. Click this player in the meantime.

The Rapture

The Rapture

Maybe you don’t need me to tell you about The Rapture, because a song of theirs I’m hearing on Indie 103.1 turns out to be from 2002! As I hear it, I ask myself, “is this the same The Rapture that recorded…..” and I come up blank. Why does their name even sound familiar?No amount of research has revealed a familiar track, and now my head’s starting to hurt. That certainly can’t be from listening to “House Of Jealous Lovers”, which is awesome in a nice Gang of Four way.

Someone please read about them at their website and listen to the stuff on their MySpace page, and tell me how/why I know them (or think I do).

Lastly, Young Marble Giants is a band I’d love to claim I’ve known about for years (but I haven’t). Formed in 1978 and split in 1980, this Welsh trio, sometimes quartet, featured the Nico-like vocals of a girl called Alison Statton, now a chiropractor back home in Wales (I couldn’t make this stuff up). Due to a Pixies-like reunion tour, they’re getting new attention, and I’m glad to be subjected to it.

A song off 1980’s Colossal Youth called “Credit In The Straight World” had me running to my pencil and paper, assuming it was some new, undiscovered band. No, it’s an old undiscovered band (though Kurt Cobain – naturally – was fond of them).

God only knows how they sound now, nearly 30 years later, but I can tell you that The Pixies reunion tour did not disappoint. Check out their MySpace for whatever details might exist. …and here’s a vintage live performance of the track (one can only hope she doesn’t resemble Frank Black nowadays);


Year end collection: compilation #13

Happy belated Christmas, Boxing Day, Kwaanza, Hannukah all. I finished putting compilation #13 together nearly two weeks ago, and have been handing out CD copies as party favors and Christmas tips (big spender, me). Now it’s here for your listening and downloading pleasure (click HERE to access it; right-click and “save target as” to download…as far as I know, you must download one song at a time; let me know if you find otherwise).

Now my year end compilation is not one of those “Best of the Year” sets (for that, you’ll want to get Buzz Biscuit’s “Cream of Eight” set, which I hope he’ll be blogging about here on the website soon); it simply reflects what I’m listening to since I wrapped up the last compilation, volume 12, back in August. Volume 13 does a little looking back, looking forward, and looking at right now.


Sydney Australia’s Lenka starts of the set, with a song I mentioned in a September post, “Don’t Let Me Fall”. Trite, sweet pop, I’ll grant you, but nicely done. Cansei de Ser Sexy (CSS) of Sao Paulo is up next, with a song that reaches way back, “Music Is My Hot Hot Sex”. Probably familiar to you from the iPod Touch ads that have been airing for over a year (though I understand that it was in a Zune commercial a year before that!). I probably should have used their “new” tune, “Jager Yoga”, which I’m hearing a lot on Indie 103.1, but I missed the original boat on CSS and have some catching up to do. Santogold (first featured on these pages back in May) is next up with “Shove It”, featuring Spank Rock, another great track off her late April (2008) self-titled debut CD.

Not my typical Scandinavian find, Emiliana Torrini sparkles with “Me And Armini”. The Icelandic girl with the Italian name (and father, of course) might be known to viewers of Grey’s Anatomy, One Tree Hill, and Lord of The Rings, which have all featured her lovely voice. Not me….not till her CD dropped in September was I aware, and she’s been releasing music since 1994! (well, in Iceland, that is). Following Emiliana is Dan Black with “Yours”. Not much bio info on Dan, whose MySpace page lists London/Paris as his home. He’s a great example of that wry British take on hiphop, a la The Streets (they date back to compilations #1 and #2, circa 2004). Check his cover of Biggy’s “Hypnotize” when you have a sec.

The next two tracks, Nickel Eye‘s “Brandy Of The Damned” and “No One’s Better Sake” by Little Joy have in common that they’re each the result of side projects by members of The Strokes, Nikolai Fraiture and Fabrizio Moretti respectively. Add these to the two brilliant releases by Albert Hammond Jr., and Julian Casablancas starts to look like a slacker.

I’m not sure where I first heard new Zealand’s The Naked And Famous; probably on Passport Approved, since they don’t seem to have a MySpace page (?). “Serenade” is a beauty. Following that is my favorite (this week, anyway) of the bunch: “Sweet Disposition” by The Temper Trap. They’re from Australia, and I bet they get huge when they play SXSW next spring.

“Spendin Days” by Japanese Motors was in a late October post by Buzz Biscuits. Having a “co-conspirator” here on the blog has been a great way to learn about new stuff (“Which Way To Go” by Eddy Current Suppression Ring and “The Book Of Matches” by Gentleman Auction House also came to my attention via a Buzz Biscuits post.

Glasvegas was in a post earlier this month, and are among the bands I’ve learned about by listening to Passport Approved on Indie 103.1, along with Cockandbullkid, Ida Maria (she’ll remind you of Bjork), and Amazing Baby. Ditto The King Blues, who have a nice Rancid vibe.

Where I found Neon Neon’s “Dream Cars” and Dune’s “No Speed” is a mystery to me: I’ve been holding on to them for to long to remember where I got them. Copenhagen’s The Asteroids Galaxy Tour was yet another gift from Steve Jobs and an iPod commercial (kooky fun; check out their MySpace). Switches’ “Drama Queen”, posted in August, came from an old Spin magazine a friend “recycled” to me.

I was fortunate to hear about Simon Says No! via the band’s management, and posted about them in November. The Kaiser Chiefs haven’t been on a compilation of mine since spring 2005 (#3), but they’re new CD is terrific, and will be played everywhere I hope.

With 23 songs, volume 13 has no extra space, so some deserving tunes didn’t make the cut (I thought I had included Cut Off Your Hands’ “Oh Girl” until writing this post; maybe if I assemble #14 soon I’ll be able to use some of them. Anyway, happy listening….and Happy New Year!