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volume 14 is up!

Allrighty! We’re trying something new, as musicwebtown is no longer a free service.

To the upper right of the page should be the ‘widget’. You should be able to play and download from there, and I’ll leave it there until volume 15 comes out.

Most of these tunes should be familiar from recent posts. A quick recap/rehash:

New Girl may, indeed, be a pseudonym of sorts. If you Google the title and artist, you find! I heard it on Passport Approved, which is the only (other) place to hear it, to my knowledge! “Grinding Halt” is on the excellent new Cure tribute, Perfect As Cats. PSAPP sounds like a Sesame Street band, but they’ve been on Grey’s Anatomy (I don’t watch; I heard them on internet radio). “My Love” is, thankfully, NOT a Paul McCartney cover, but a song I read about in the Boston Globe g section last month (the band gave me permission to post the song)! Frank Turner is huge on BBC6, and rightly so. Cut Off Your Hands should have been on volume 13….I forgot! Fight Like Apes ROCKS!, and they were really nice to me via email. Ida Maria, a Passport Approved favorite, is worth investing in her whole CD. CSS is a band I should have been listening to long ago, and I’m trying to make up for lost time. The Ettes: been around since 2004 and true to their mission…pure raw garage, female style. Animal Collective is audio acid, like Fleet Foxes, only good. “Trash” by The Whip: write this down: “the song of the summer!” (I can always edit that out if I’m wrong) Johnny Foreigner sounds totally different that that title would lead you to believe. Thank you Indie 103.1! Morrissey has a new CD out, but you don’t need me to blog about that; instead enjoy this Moz sound-alike, The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart. Oh, and Lily Allen’s BACK!!!!!

Well, that’s not what I meant, butt…..

Matt and Kim are another Passport Approved find. My friend Charlie inspired me to unearth the Santogold(it’s over a year old) which somehow I’d passed over while posting “Say Aha” and “Shove It”. Ra Ra Riot, a five-piece featuring a cello and a violin will stick in your head (read their history on Wikipedia) ….and the M.I.A., which is from Slumdog Millionaire, has been in my head since seeing that terrific film some months back. The Music For Animals CD won’t be out for a month or so, so I hope i don’t get in trouble for leaking it. My lovely wife says the Calvin Harris jam sounds like Flight Of The Conchords. I think she means that as a dis, but I really like FOTC! And be honest, you readers that are friends of mine never heard of Peter Bjorn And John till I put “Young Folks” on volume 8 in January 2007, months before Boston radio (or TV commercials) picked it up.

Anyway, that’s the “short” story on volume 14. Enjoy, and comment, please!

Oh, BTW, we’re now on…..


Fight Like Apes, Ida Maria, Frank Turner

Here’s a band (or at least a song) that has been stuck in my head since the first hearing.

“Jake Summers” by Fight Like Apes (MySpace) is the earworm of which I speak. It begins like so many female-vocal-led songs you’ve gotten from me, but then, almost exactly a minute in, singer MayKay ushers in the tempo change with Toni Basil-like squeals of passionate glee! The song throws an F-bomb or two into a stew rich with pop culture references from Driving Miss Daisy to Kentucky Fried Chicken. The Dublin quartet has been around for a while, as I found blog posts as far back as May 2007 (, where MayKay is described as “vocals like Karen O stealing James Browns’ strut”), but “Jake Summers” is new to the playlist at BBC6, where I assume they’re playing the F-less version in this video (which trades the language for vicious violence….oh well…)

Ida Maria was on my compilation 13 last month with “Louie”, and Passport Approved is not content to spin just the one cut, having also aired “Oh My God” and “I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked” on recent shows (hey readers: tell me which of those two songs YOU like better by commenting the blog below. You can hear them at the MySpace page)

Ida is the vocalist of the eponymous quartet from Norway, and while there’s a bit of Bjork in her voice, she can rock with an intensity that evokes Nena Hagen, or at least Lena Lovitch. The pics of her range from sexy to scary, which, to me, is a good sign! For those that prefer videos, here are both:

Frank Turner is an Eton-educated former punk rocker (Kneejerk) with wit, melody, and variety.

His new release, Love Ire & Song, is full of great, folky songs, strummed and sung in a style reminiscent of Jens Lekman, Billy Bragg, or, dare I say, Jonathan Richman. I downloaded the whole thing somewhere, and, while it’s all great, my favorite is “Reasons Not To Be An Idiot”, now playing on BBC6 (but curiously NOT on his MySpace page). The video is below.

A warning to the wise: MusicWebTown, which is the site that hosts my many compilation sets, has announced that they’re switching to a “pay to play” model, so you’ll very soon find yourself unable to access those old sets (‘cuz I ain’t payin’). If you haven’t already, I suggest you trudge through the old djeddieo posts and find the links to any of the 13+ compilations you might be missing and download while you still can. I’m looking for another host in the meantime. Any tips?