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Internet Forever, God Help The Girl, Rural Alberta Advantage

Internet Forever’s MySpace page notes that they are “good at songs, bad at fidelity.”  I know nothing about their personal affairs, but I’m sure the fidelity comment doesn’t mean they’re all cheating.  Instead, they write concise pop songs with rough-around-the-edges production values.  But unlike other lo-fi bands of the moment, the wall of noise doesn’t overwhelm.  The cleanest and catchiest entry is Pages of Books (found on their MySpace page) – which hints at some of more recent popular girl brit-pop.  Break Bones is also a great schoolyard romp…
This next entry may fall under the heading of paying my rent.  God Help The Girl is a nostalgic indie-pop tip of the cap to 60’s girl pop.  The side project of Belle and Sebastian’s Stuart Murdoch, he uses this vehicle for songs that he felt didn’t fit the B&S model.  On the whole, maybe a little pastiche, but the song Funny Little Frog is a gem on any playing field.

Finally, a friend has been pushing the Royal Alberta Advantage on me for months.  I finally gave in to my initial cool reactions and gave them a real chance.  Lesson learned.  Their album Hometowns is a great listen.  Blending both indie-folk acoustic strumming with some sharper guitar parts (a la Bloc Party), topped off with a fairly unique (if you don’t count Neutral Milk Hotel or Clem Snide) vocal styling; this is a very enjoyable album that plays upon its own themes to create a consistently entertaining whole.  In The Summertime is one of the more subdued entries, but gives a great glimpse of what this band has to offer.

P.S.  The time is nigh… NY is near… run eddieO run.  Good luck my friend.