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Ice Black Birds, Best Coast, Strange Boys

I don’t know if I’m ready to endorse any of these bands’ complete bodies of work, but these three songs really have my attention lately.

The most current sounding of the bunch is As Birds We’d Be Free by Ice Black Birds, a four piece from London, via Brighton, UK.  For some reason this song is unfortunately no longer on their MySpace page, in favor of their more blues-rock offerings.  The arpeggiated guitar line in this tune is crisp enough to keep it tight and modern, but not so tight that it feels overproduced and emotionless.

LA’s Best Coast add a shoegazy smudge to the 60’s girl group sound with When I’m With You.  I’m not sure if this is the official video, or just someone’s clever dubbing of the song over a 60’s French beach movie musical – whichever, it fits.

Continuing to show that retro is current, the Strange Boys from Austin bring the old-fashioned garage rock R&B that the Black Lips and King Khan have been championing the last few years with their song Be Brave.