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New Ting Tings, Pearl & The Puppets, One Night Only and more…..

XFM is playing the new track from The Ting Tings, “Hands”, and if you like all the other Ting Tings songs, you’ll surely like this one. Sony is being a bit like Fort Knox with the radio/CD version of the track, but remixes abound on YouTube. I prefer the original CD track, which is streamable on their MySpace. As for the remixes, here are a few examples, starting with the official tease….

Pearl & The Puppets

Pearl & The Puppets is a Scottish quintet (no, the singer’s not called Pearl; it’s Katie Sutherland) that sports a folkie, poppy, easy-on-the-ears vibe that’s being compared to Regina Spektor and fits in nicely with djeddieo faves Lisa Hannigan, Eliza Doolittle, and Lenka. “Make Me Smile” is the track that Sat is playing on Passport Approved but I like all the cuts on their MySpace page, especially “Girlfriend”.

One Night Only

Power pop is alive and well with One Night Only, a British 5-piece that’s been at it since 2003, when they chose that name without intending the subsequent irony. Listening to their newest single “Say You Don’t Want It”, it’s not hard to believe that they started out as a cover band, playing the likes of Blink 182 and New Found Glory, but they’re surely worth adding to your shuffle.  MySpace for more.

Finally, a track that I’m not really recommending, though it has infected my head, ear-worm style. Lily Allen, always easy on the eyes as well as the ears, guests with Eminem-wannabe Professor Green on a cover (of sorts) of the 1983 SOS Band smash “Just Be Good To Me”. Whether it’s the visually/audibly slinky Lily or the flashbacks of my danceclub past, the song gets my toe tapping, in spite of Green’s whiney rhymes. This time it’s EMI holding the video hostage from hosting, so you’ll have to go HERE to see it for yourself.

The podcast; it’s here!

step one:  click below

step two: (listen+enjoy, hopefully)

step three: call the Seattle office at (206) 426-6947 with comments, requests, long-distance dedications, ransom demands, etc.

(prefer to download? knock yourself out! it’s 55+ MB, and it’s HERE)

As for the artists and songs on the podcast, some have been discussed here before; the rest I’ll update on this post soon. Feel free to comment any specific questions. Here is the playlist:

Florence and The Machine – The Dog Days Are Over;

Matt and Kim – Good Old Fashion Nightmare;

Hot Chip – Transmission;

Lily Allen – Straight To Hell;

Zee Avi – First Of The Gang To Die;

Cursive – From The Hips;

WaitThinkFast – Look Alive;

White Rabbits – Percussion Gun;

lovelikefire – Boredom;

Metric – Help I’m Alive;

Au Revoir Simone – Another Likely Story;

Magistrates – Heartbreak;

Noisettes – Never Forget You;

The Answering Machine – Oh Christina

Special thanks to some friends without whom I’d never have completed this project: “Party Doctor” Tad Bonvie, blood-brother Peter Barkann, and think tank mouthpiece Frank Conte for vocal support, Pete, Bruce and Sat from Passport Approved and Dany Sloan from Exitfare for great musical finds, and koz from Audacity and Panos from WordPress for technical help.

nothing new, but check The Young Lovers, Gin Wigmore, and new songs from old friends

Been way too long since I’ve posted. I’m thinking lately that I want to make podcasts instead of compilations (really just adding voice-over to the usual 18-20 song set). While contemplating the logistics for that (all advice is welcome!) I’ve been doing less new music searching, instead re-listening to stuff I found before. One of my recent re-discoveries is The Young Lovers out of Melbourne Australia.

The Young Lovers

The Young Lovers

A five-piece with one very cute (and usually barefoot) female member, The Young Lovers first caught my attention on the Valentines Day broadcast of Passport Approved. I woulda thought by now that the tune “Talking In French” would have caught on, but I haven’t heard it anywhere (‘cept their MySpace page; click the photo above to go to there, Liz Lemon). A little research and it turns out that the song’s been kicking around since early 2007! Now why is it that Boston radio stations will play the same old 90’s chestnuts over and over, as if they’re current, but won’t pick up a two year old rookie? Presumedly, it’s a hit down under, and, since they’re all in their early twenties, there’s likely plenty of time for them to conquer the states. Here’s the video:

Now I’m the first to admit that often my taste in music isn’t for everyone. I’ve had friends tell me I’m nuts to love Kate Nash or Amy Winehouse, which is likely what drove me to the web in the first place. Nothing is so weird that it doesn’t have some fans in cyberspace. I sense I’ll get similar resistance regarding Gin Wigmore.

Gin Wigmore

Gin Wigmore

A Passport Approved favorite, Gin was mentioned here in January (as part of my Amy/Duffy/Adele continuum) as well as in March (as guest vocalist on Smashproof’s “Brother”). Her own website (click the pretty photo above) draws connections to Macy Gray, Debby Harry and Edith Piaf, which should give you some sense of what you’re in for. The 21 year old singer-songwriter was born in New Zealand and spent some of her childhood in Argentina. The first song of hers I was aware of, “Under My Skin”, is a bouncy, almost retro affair (hence the Amy comparisons). Check the video:

I hadn’t seen that video till finding it for you; she’s fun to watch! Anyway, as much as I already liked her, her ballad “These Roses” really grabbed me and shook me. A raw, plaintive, sad tale of a love that cannot be, I wonder what some of my younger subscribers will think of it (C.A. in Belmont?).

Brooklyn’s Chairlift has a nice new song (you remember “Bruises” from the iPod commercial—“I tried to do handstands for you…”—-posted here last September).



The new song “Evident Utensil” has a trippy, drippy, really cool video that MUST watch in HD. Go to their MySpace page to see it and many others, or just click the photo above to go to YouTube (the video in not embeddable, sorry)

Also hailing from Brooklyn, White Rabbits are back with “Percussion Gun” (you remember “The Plot” from djeddieo volume 8, 1/2007).

White Rabbits

White Rabbits

With their signature twitchy, adrenaline-fueled drums (evoking Adam Ant!), this new cut rocks. Check it out at their MySpace page or click the video below.

And how about an excuse to post a picture of Lily Allen?

Lily Allen

Lily Allen

I mentioned the War Child Heroes CD back in March but I don’t recall if I pointed out Lily’s version of The Clash’s “Straight To Hell”, complete with participation of Mick Jones. It’s especially nice that in the aftermath of M.I.A.’s global success with the “..Hell” sample in “Paper Planes”, this version omits it. Otherwise, the melody is intact, and while I’m a believer that every Clash song is better by The Clash (whether their originals or their covers), this one is a nice tribute. No video, just this “non-video”:

volume 14 is up!

Allrighty! We’re trying something new, as musicwebtown is no longer a free service.

To the upper right of the page should be the ‘widget’. You should be able to play and download from there, and I’ll leave it there until volume 15 comes out.

Most of these tunes should be familiar from recent posts. A quick recap/rehash:

New Girl may, indeed, be a pseudonym of sorts. If you Google the title and artist, you find! I heard it on Passport Approved, which is the only (other) place to hear it, to my knowledge! “Grinding Halt” is on the excellent new Cure tribute, Perfect As Cats. PSAPP sounds like a Sesame Street band, but they’ve been on Grey’s Anatomy (I don’t watch; I heard them on internet radio). “My Love” is, thankfully, NOT a Paul McCartney cover, but a song I read about in the Boston Globe g section last month (the band gave me permission to post the song)! Frank Turner is huge on BBC6, and rightly so. Cut Off Your Hands should have been on volume 13….I forgot! Fight Like Apes ROCKS!, and they were really nice to me via email. Ida Maria, a Passport Approved favorite, is worth investing in her whole CD. CSS is a band I should have been listening to long ago, and I’m trying to make up for lost time. The Ettes: been around since 2004 and true to their mission…pure raw garage, female style. Animal Collective is audio acid, like Fleet Foxes, only good. “Trash” by The Whip: write this down: “the song of the summer!” (I can always edit that out if I’m wrong) Johnny Foreigner sounds totally different that that title would lead you to believe. Thank you Indie 103.1! Morrissey has a new CD out, but you don’t need me to blog about that; instead enjoy this Moz sound-alike, The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart. Oh, and Lily Allen’s BACK!!!!!

Well, that’s not what I meant, butt…..

Matt and Kim are another Passport Approved find. My friend Charlie inspired me to unearth the Santogold(it’s over a year old) which somehow I’d passed over while posting “Say Aha” and “Shove It”. Ra Ra Riot, a five-piece featuring a cello and a violin will stick in your head (read their history on Wikipedia) ….and the M.I.A., which is from Slumdog Millionaire, has been in my head since seeing that terrific film some months back. The Music For Animals CD won’t be out for a month or so, so I hope i don’t get in trouble for leaking it. My lovely wife says the Calvin Harris jam sounds like Flight Of The Conchords. I think she means that as a dis, but I really like FOTC! And be honest, you readers that are friends of mine never heard of Peter Bjorn And John till I put “Young Folks” on volume 8 in January 2007, months before Boston radio (or TV commercials) picked it up.

Anyway, that’s the “short” story on volume 14. Enjoy, and comment, please!

Oh, BTW, we’re now on…..

Switches, Lily Allen

Well, I thought that Rick “Buzz Biscuits” Corson was champing at the bit to start blogging, but it looks like I’m squeezing one more in before he takes the baton.

Flipping thru a 3 month old Spin Magazine, I see Switches listed among editor Doug Brod’s faves. (odd that it would interest me, as his other faves – Cheap Trick, XTC, Fountains of Wayne – didn’t have me running for Limewire). Anyway, a quick trip to their MySpace page hooked me. (warning: this is one of those MySpace pages where a video way down the page starts automatically, then the audio player starts, resulting in sonic trainwreck….pause the audio player before it starts, and enjoy the video to Drama Queen, whether you look at the images or not, then listen to the equally great Inferior Interior on the audio player). Check the website too; obviously this stuff has been out for a while (released 7/17/07!), so some the hipper visitors to this blog are already over it, but my core audience of reluctant middle-aged suburbanites should eat it up. I found a free download at, a site I check frequently; search “switches” and grab Drama Queen before it’s gone.

I thought I was all done with Lily Allen, to be honest. Once she gave us Kate Nash (possible big mistake on her part), her stuff seemed a bit trite by comparison. A few songs on her MySpace page, however are nicely Kate-Nash-ish, about falling in love, breaking up, despising each other, and other touching topics. As easy on the eyes as ever with the blonde ‘do, Lily shines in “Who’d Of Known” [grammar police: shouldn’t that be “…have known”?] , “I Don’t Know”, and “I Could Say”. “Guess Who Batman” is fun too, though be careful not to play for the kiddies, lest they learn fun new phrases! Also see what a “good sport” she is in this video clip:

Alright, NOW maybe the next voice you read will be Rick’s…..ciao!