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volume 20 is in the can!

I’ve been listening to this set for a while, as I finished it in time for my summer vacation a few weeks ago. Time seems to have gotten away from me since, but I wanted to get this posted for all to see before I find myself sick of it!

[pick the player of your choice]

The Naked And Famous

First song is from The Naked And Famous, who were also on volume 13 back in 2008. This time around, the song is “Young Blood”, which, like so many of my favorites, I heard first on Passport Approved. It defies description, at times bombastic, at others pensive. MySpace for more.


Graffiti6 is one of those DJ/singer collaborations, a la Gnarls Barkley, and in a just world this song, “Stare Into The Sun” would be as successful as “Crazy”. DJ TommyD and singer Jamie Scott…check their MySpace for more.

Two Door Cinema Club

Two Door Cinema Club is one band I had to leave Passport Approved to find, having heard them on the web radio station IndieGoesToHollywood. Bright, shiny pop…more on MySpace.

Shout Out Louds

Shout Out Louds were last on a djeddieo CD in July 2005 (volume 4!), and their new song “Fall Hard” really shows the five years of improved chops.  Plenty of info at their website.

I swear I liked Hold Your Horses’ “70 Million” before I saw the video, but like OK Go before them, they’ll be known more for the visuals than the great song. That’s too bad; check out more at MySpace.

Thirteen Senses

Thirteen Senses’ “Answer” is the quintessential Passport Approved song and, therefore, a djeddieo gimme! Simultaneously evoking the sixties, the eighties and the 21st Century, it seemed instantly familiar to me upon first hearing. More about/from the Cornwall quartet at MySpace.

Vampire Weekend

Back in February I said “you don’t need me to tell you about the new Vampire Weekend CD”. Well, maybe you do! Every song on Contra is a keeper, and “Giving Up The Gun” is the best of the lot, IMHO. Discuss. Listen to the whole damn thing on their website.


I was surprised when the clubby-sounding “Cascade” by Deluka became one of LW’s (lovely wife’s) fave tunes on the set. Well, it could easily be a dancefloor filler in a big room (if big rooms weren’t extinct) but it also boasts some indie cred in her great voice. Myspace for more.


Then, there’s LW’s least fave tune: “Get Fresh With You” by Teddybears (featuring Red Fox). In my DJ experience, this is the type of song that fills the floor…maybe with lunatics and wannabes but what DJ doesn’t love a full floor?? They’ll sound familiar from their “Cobrastyle” cut which is on the Nissan Rogue commercial, as well as everywhere else. Three minutes of head-bobbing fun. Myspace here.

Lissy Trullie

I may have first heard Lissy Trullie on my local alt rock radio station, WFNX, or at least that’s what GD (gorgeous daughter) tells me. Normally I’m months ahead of them, so I don’t know how they snuck her in on me, but credit where credit due, I guess. I do know that the nice folks at sent me her mp3 so maybe I can claim firsties after all! Anyway, “Don’t To Do” is the type of song that could be, and should be, on EVERY commercial radio station, ‘cept maybe country. Very cool expression, “I’ve got a whole lotta DON’T to do”, doncha think? Lissy on Myspace. Check “She Said” as well.

Sleigh Bells

I had read about Brooklyn duo Sleigh Bells’ “Tell ‘Em”, that it was among the greatest opening tracks on an album ever. I sought out that album, Treats, and came away thinking that “Tell ‘Em” makes a great second half of a one-two punch, out of anything that ends cold. You be the judge. Plenty more noise-pop at MySpace.

Jump Jump Dance Dance

Jump Jump Dance Dance, another duo, this one from LA, is gonna be too slick for some. Me, I can handle the occasional unabashed pop song, even if it clocks in at a bloated 4 minutes+. “Modern Eyes” came courtesy of Passport Approved’s All-Access site , more on JJDD’s MySpace.

John Snow

John Snow is a Norway sextet with no John in the band (named for a 19th Century physician we’ve never heard of). “Run” is a bit of an arena rock throwaway, but, try as I might, I couldn’t delete it. Give it 3 minutes; see if it grows on you. MySpace.


I initially thought New Zealand’s Opshop sounded quite a bit like U2, but I decided not to hold that against them. They’ve been at this for 8 years or so, but “Pins And Needles” is the first I’m hearing them (thanks again Sat and Josh). The line “I wish I could unsay what was said” was hook enough for me.  MySpace for more.


Swedish duo Johnossi (john+oskar~ossi) have been rocking Scandinavia since 2004, when they were teens, but I just discovered them on IndieGoesToHollywood. When I posted “What’s The Point” on my Facebook wall, longtime friend DJ Felix gave it the thumbs up. That’s good enough for me. More Johnossi at MySpace.

Little Red

Australian band Little Red gets compared to The Beach Boys, but I’m convinced that that’s only because 4 of the 5 members sing on most tracks. No artfully arranged harmonies and falsettos here though, just fun pop unison, like a chant. “Rock It” is a bit of a misnomer, but a fun tune nonetheless. Little Red on Myspace.


I just emailed WFNX, challenging them to play Motocade’s “Holy Moly”. Hey, let’s all start calling and requesting it! Lyrics like “all this trivia is what I givee-ya and to delivee-ya into oblivee-on” keep me and GD repeating this song over and over. I even love the low budget video, below. Also see their  Myspace.

Hungry Kids of Hungary

Really from Australia, Hungry Kids of Hungary are pure pop and, (again) in a fair world they’d be everywhere. Instead, they’re pretty much exclusive to Passport Approved. Maybe it’s that dumb name! Check MySpace for more.

The Cheek

In contrast, this band could be called “crap on toast” and I’d be seeking them out for their irresistible garage-y pop. Formerly Cheeky Cheek and The Nosebleeds (why change THAT??), The Cheek are my kind of modern rock band: one foot (maybe more) stuck firmly in the sixties, and I mean the sixties of The Swinging Blue Jeans and Music Explosion (do your research kids). “Just One Night” is, hopefully, the tip of the iceberg for this UK quintet. Alas, the few other tracks on MySpace are a bit too much “hippy hippy” and not enough “shake”.

Operator Please

Operator Please was on my last set of new songs, #18 in April 2010 with “Logic”, and I previewed “Back And Forth” then as well. They still seem like a misfit bunch of adorable kids, all perfectly at ease with themselves and their various looks and styles. Is it goofy and juvenile? Yeah. So what? Myspace for more.

The Checks

Finally, unsigned New Zealand quintet The Checks with “Ballroom Baby”. Every one of my compilations reaches its critical mass when I find a song that won’t fit, necessitating that I delete one. This was that song this time (do go check out the deleted track, Lissie’s cover of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” HERE. If only CDs were a little bit longer….) I had just been noticing that I seem to be liking so many falsetto songs lately, and I vowed to more discriminating. This dreamy, groovy track made the cut. Awesome video as well, below.  Myspace.