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Marina And The Diamonds, Jennie and Johnny

I wish I was younger. There, I’ve said it. Of course, I’d hate the part about doing all these recent and not-so-recent past years over again….see, I see life as a marathon, and I’ve already passed the 14 mile mark, so to speak, so it would be challenging to round a corner and see the 5 mile mark. Anyway, I digress; what I really miss are the days when I would run out to a club to see some unknown band. Now, I just sit on my couch and read about them in my (home delivered) Boston Globe!

Marina And The Diamonds

Boston’s iconic Paradise Rock Club was recently renovated, the stage being moved so that the huge support beam that has blocked the stage for over 20 years is now out of the way. Now, not only was there a long stretch of the early nineties that found me at the ‘dise nightly, for all manner of bands, but the front room of the club, then M80, began what was to be my DJing heyday. Man, that was a long time ago! Anyway, the first act to benefit from the new sightlines was to be (and was, at this point) Marina And The Diamonds. No reviews of the show have surfaced, but I do like the recorded tunes I’ve heard. The infectious pop sound Welsh-born Marina Diamandis churns out seems just slightly less teeny bopper than, say, Lady Gaga or Katy Perry, nothing against them. Check out her MySpace for a nice bunch of tunes including “Hollywood”, said to be the indie hit, and “Oh No!”, surely intended for the teens and Top40 radio, but the colorful, comics-inspired video grabbed me and wouldn’t let go (well, pretty girls in cute dresses will do that, but I find I like the song even in the audio-only player). Also worth a listen: “I Am Not A Robot”, probably the most “djeddieo” of the bunch.

Jenny And Johnny

Also featured in the Globe was a bit about Jenny And Johnny, yet another boy/girl duo. While the Globe predicts that they will “inevitably” be compared to She And Him, that wouldn’t have been my first impulse. While all I’ve got to go on is “Scissor Runner” (available as a free download at their MySpace), there’s something more earnest, more authentic here. Jenny is Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley fame, and Johnny (Rice) played on her “Rabbit Fur Coat” solo debut, the pair having been introduced by Conor Oberst. Hopefully the romance lasts long enough to generate as much music as buzz. Scour YouTube for non-video videos of some other tunes.