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Yaz(oo) box set, reunion tour…..

I had the good fortune yesterday to meet Vince Clarke, 80s synth-pop icon. Thanks to dear friend Michael Mulvey ( who was filming an interview for Mute Records, I did the audio, basically making me the proverbial fly on the proverbial wall. The 11 hour escapade began at the ugly hour of 5:30 a.m. and involved many hours of snowy driving to Vince’s unlikely outpost on the remote Maine coast. The interview, deftly conducted by Mute Records alum Roland Brown, will be included in the soon to be released Yazoo box set (due May ’08). Unearthing few surprises, Roland probed past many “I don’t remember”‘s to flesh out the story of creating, then leaving Depeche Mode, the whole, too brief Yazoo experience, the short lived Assembly, and seemingly eternal Erasure. The scope of Vince’s successes grows even more formidable when you consider that he was 21 when he walked away from Depeche, 23 when he left Yazoo with their second album hitting #1 (a feat Vince seemed surprised by when Roland mentioned it). Vince admitted really enjoying the making of the Don’t Go video, in which he hams it up as Dr. Frankenstein and Dracula:

I’m pretty sure Vince said his favorite Yazoo song was In My Room; me, I like Midnight:

Besides the interview itself and the haddock chowder and lobster rolls at Sarah’s Cafe in Wiscasset, the conversation during the seven hours of driving was also a highlight. Michael and I exposed Roland to Nouvelle Vague and their bossa nova versions of 80s classics, and Roland gave us some inside scoop regarding Moby, and the unlikely path to Play’s humongous success. Michael found this very apropos YouTube video to wrap this post in a nice little bundle: