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Dananananaykroyd, Gringo Star, Harlem Shakes, Ten Bears

Dananananaykroyd (try saying that one time fast) from Glasgow are reminiscent of Los Campesinos, and also remind me a bit of the Unicorns (if you’re unfamiliar… familiarize yourself with their fantastic 2004 album, Who Will Cut Our Hair When We’re Gone?).  But where Los Campesinos seem to go playful, Dananananaykroyd take the harder rock route, kicking up the speed and distorted guitars.  Black Wax is a pretty clean, almost poppy introduction giving an idea of their hookability… then at 2:30 it changes mood, providing a stiff punch.  A similar punch can be heard more readily on the songs Pink Sabbath or The Greater Than Symbol.

gstarAtlanta based psych-garage rock band Gringo Star add a little Southern flavor to their mix.  This is most evident on the Jayhawks-sounding song Transmission, which I consider the most mature of the sampling on their myspace page.  If you prefer to stay out of the country and in the garage, clap-along to All Y’all.

…after those two I’m half-tempted to devolve this post into a list of band names that play on celebrity names:  Brian Jonestown Massacre, Camper Van Beethoven, Kathleen Turner Overdrive, Jackie-O Motherfucker… others???  But I’ll stick to the script…

harlemshakesMy personal jury is still out on Harlem Shakes.  I really respect the music, just not sure that I love it.  Regardless, I think others will and that their word is worth spreading.

On the other hand, Manchester UK band Ten Bears have won me over immediately on all fronts.  Dirt on the Radio has the most radio friendly production, but their stripped down live sound exposes a rougher edge, as seen on this clip for the song Charlie.