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Here it is: volume 11!

Well, no surprises here. I’ve raved about most of these songs in the last week or two. Some I haven’t mentioned are by old eddieo compilation faves like Hard-Fi and The Kooks. Others are just in massive rotation on BBC6 and XFM. I’m gonna keep mum on extraneous details, as I’d really love to get your own comments, good, bad, or indifferent (indifferent is the worst!)

Let’s make this the first non-CD compilation! We’ll save some fake plastic trees (sorry Thom).

volume 11

Okay, first step would be to access the playlist HERE. Once there, you can play it, download it, or podcast it to your iTunes. If you must burn it to CD, here’s your CD sleeve or jewel box liner, courtesy of iTunes: volume-11


September 2006, volume 7

Even I admit this one was ‘out there’. I made it a goal that I would not include anything that I’d heard anywhere; only stuff I read about and sought out. Alsation is an exception, as it played over Entourage credits. I probably would have heard some of these songs if I still went to cool clubs. Oh well…. Here’s one no one seemed to like but me:

To play (or download) the whole thing, right-click HERE for the player (open in a new tab or new window) which will also allow you to download.