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New Ting Tings, Pearl & The Puppets, One Night Only and more…..

XFM is playing the new track from The Ting Tings, “Hands”, and if you like all the other Ting Tings songs, you’ll surely like this one. Sony is being a bit like Fort Knox with the radio/CD version of the track, but remixes abound on YouTube. I prefer the original CD track, which is streamable on their MySpace. As for the remixes, here are a few examples, starting with the official tease….

Pearl & The Puppets

Pearl & The Puppets is a Scottish quintet (no, the singer’s not called Pearl; it’s Katie Sutherland) that sports a folkie, poppy, easy-on-the-ears vibe that’s being compared to Regina Spektor and fits in nicely with djeddieo faves Lisa Hannigan, Eliza Doolittle, and Lenka. “Make Me Smile” is the track that Sat is playing on Passport Approved but I like all the cuts on their MySpace page, especially “Girlfriend”.

One Night Only

Power pop is alive and well with One Night Only, a British 5-piece that’s been at it since 2003, when they chose that name without intending the subsequent irony. Listening to their newest single “Say You Don’t Want It”, it’s not hard to believe that they started out as a cover band, playing the likes of Blink 182 and New Found Glory, but they’re surely worth adding to your shuffle.  MySpace for more.

Finally, a track that I’m not really recommending, though it has infected my head, ear-worm style. Lily Allen, always easy on the eyes as well as the ears, guests with Eminem-wannabe Professor Green on a cover (of sorts) of the 1983 SOS Band smash “Just Be Good To Me”. Whether it’s the visually/audibly slinky Lily or the flashbacks of my danceclub past, the song gets my toe tapping, in spite of Green’s whiney rhymes. This time it’s EMI holding the video hostage from hosting, so you’ll have to go HERE to see it for yourself.