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too long, no post….VV Brown, Glasvegas, Cut Off Your Hands

oh….excuses, excuses….my job got demanding, I started a big home improvement project, computer crashed and got replaced, I quit the job and started another one….they’re all just excuses. I should still be bloggin’! (note the new flavicon). The truth is that when I’m not blogging about new music, I’m likely not listening to any. Between my recent compilation CDs and a bunch of 80’s stuff (my daughter recently became enamored with Donnie Darko, so I burned her an expanded soundtrack CD), I haven’t heard much new for a while. In an effort to remedy that, I fired up my Roku (, get one) and got back to some internet radio.

VV Brown has been buzzed about for a few months, and Passport Approved refers to her in Amy Winehouse-ish terms. The single “Crying Blood” is an obvious radio-ready smash, just a question of when our so-called hip stations will get the memo. The video is on YouTube, but supposedly not embeddable; if it doesn’t appear below, go HERE to view it (make sure you come back!)

I don’t necessarily hear Amy in VV, more like Gabriella Cilmi (from compilation #12), but it’s fun. The excerpts of other cuts that are on her MySpace show additional promise.

Glasvegas is another band that other, more diligent bloggers have been musing about since the springtime. From Scotland (Glascow) and sporting a hefty portion of gloom and portense, they satisfy my 80s jones with  bit of freshness. They’ll be in Boston early in the new year, so it’ll be interesting to see if ‘FNX gets on them in time. “Geraldine” is the current single, not on their MySpace, but you can listen to it by clicking the not-so-visual video below.

It was exactly a year ago that I featured Cut Off Your Hands on compilation #10 with “Still Fond”, and the current single “Oh Girl” is just as tasty, and likely more accessible. While this New Zealand quartet exhibited that raw, garage-y sound I typically favor in previous tracks like “Fond”, “Expectations” and “You and I”, “Oh Girl” sports a cleaner mix, hearable vocals, and a slickish video. Oh, and that unfortunate band name? Seems they were originally Shaky Hands, but had to change it to avoid legal action from a Portland Oregon band with that name, a la Blink 182 and The English Beat, among many others. Check their MySpace for a few more samples, and enjoy the “Oh Girl” video below.