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Eddy Current Suppression Ring, White Denim, Gentleman Auction House, WOXY

For a seemingly simple formula, and a lot of bands trying, garage punk still requires a certain something to pull it off successively.  Melbourne, Australia’s Eddy Current Suppression Ring seem to have that something.   Ingredient one, DYI beginnings; they worked in a vinyl pressing factory, played an impromptu set at the company Christmas party, and thought ‘hey, we can do this too’.  But more important is the sound.  They take their nods from early punk bands like the Buzzcocks and more recent ones like Thee Headcoats.  Which Way to Go from their current release, Primary Colours, reminds me a lot of the Mekons classic Where Were You (which can happily be heard on their myspace page).

Looking into this, I learned that an eddy current is an electric current induced by an alternating magnetic field (not the actual name of the guitarist).  Who said punk rock can’t be educational?!

Staying in the garage, Austin’s White Denim have an upcoming digital-only release called Exposion (it’s not a typo).   Not as straight forward as ECSR, White Denim run a little more experimental with some Captain Beefheart freakouts, but still keep their feet on the floor.  A couple of videos can be enjoyed at Transmission EntertainmentShake, Shake, Shake is an immediately fun white-trash romp.  But All You Really Have to Do is the one that’ll stick.

I previously decided not to write about Gentleman Auction House.  Their current album, Alphabet Graveyard, was released in July.  By the time I got here I figured they’d be everyday news.  So far, I think they are still flying below the commercial radar despite two strong singles that could contend with anything you’ll hear on commercial alternative pop radio: Call It Casual and The Book of Matches.

One place you will hear them is on the great internet radio station WOXY. For fear of divulging my resources, I highly recommend giving this Cincinnati based station a listen.  Great range of new indie-rock, without being off the wall.

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