nothing new here…..more Metric, The Drums….

Back in July, when I was obsessed with the ill advised “podcast” version of volume 16, I only ever so briefly mentioned Metric, whose acoustic version of “Help, I’m Alive” was included on that set (that post is HERE, if you’re interested). The album version of “Help, I’m Alive” has since gotten plenty of radio play, as have a couple of other tracks, which prompted me to give Metric another looksee.


While they are every bit a complete band (formed in Toronto in or around 2003), it’s singer Emily Haines that initially got my attention. In selecting the acoustic “Help, I’m Alive” over the more bombastic album version, I guess I was attempting to put her in my oft-used “pretty female singer-songwriter” box. Check out their website where you can hear all 10 tracks from Fantasies and view the videos, as well as a terrific documentary on the writing of the album, which she did in Buenos Aires (you can go direct to it HERE). It’s now obvious to me that she shines both ways: raw and acoustic, or rocking in front of the band (great shot of her doing just that HERE), evoking Shirley Manson of the unfortunately named Garbage. Be listening on hipper radio stations near you for “Sick Muse” and “Gold Guns Girls”, the latter of which being also available as an acoustic mp3 when you sign up for their mailing list on their aforementioned website. Pretty as it is, this time I prefer the rocker:

At that same general time last summer that I was finishing that disappointing podcast, I missed a great release by The Drums, “Let’s Go Surfing”. Living proof that you don’t REALLY have to know how to play guitar to have a rock band, The Drums provide rock music at it’s most basic, toe-tapping, head-nodding essence. Hearing the song on Indie 103.1, I initially thought it was The Soft Pack (formerly The Muslims), who also have that easy accessibility, but these kids keep it even simpler.

The Drums

I like the way they identify themselves:

Jonathan Pierce – The Singin’
Jacob Graham – The Stringin’
Adam Kessler – The Twangin’
Connor Hanwick – The Bangin’

Based in Brooklyn (naturally), The Drums are, at their core, Jonathan and Jacob, who reportedly met as children at summer camp and have been best friends ever since. Originally into synths, they made the decision to switch to guitars, which they seem to be learning on the fly. That’s okay with me: more than a few chords in one song can make my head hurt! Check out the video for “Let’s Go Surfing” below, or visit their MySpace page for a full assortment.

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  1. Posted by buzz biscuits on March 24, 2010 at 12:35 pm

    why do i get the feeling i’ll now be whistling the whistle-line from “let’s go surfing’ all day!? i do have to point out a mis-print… the soft boys were robyn hitchcock’s former, and often times great band. the soft pack are the current band formerly named the muslims.


  2. thanks Rick, I did realize that Soft Pack mistake (along with some grammar and capitalization ones) and had already got them corrected in the web post, but not until after the email alert [that’s a good reason to subscribe visitors: you get to see the errors!]

    I almost mentioned the ear-worm nature of the “…Surfing” whistle, but I hesitated to remind anyone of the LAST whistle earworm, which I had “premiered” back in 2/2009! Me, I’m whistling “Skinny Genes” by Eliza Doolittle!


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