Alexandra Hope

Alexandra Hope’s sparse instrumentation reminds me of The White Stripes.

Alexandra Hope (click for more pics)

Alexandra Hope (click for more pics)

She also plays as a duo, but she’s the guitarist/vocalist while bandmate David Muller drums and plays piano. The absence of a bass and the bare bones production gives their songs an almost D-I-Y quality, much like a lot of Jack and meg’s stuff, and I tend to like a bit of that as an antidote to all the slickness out there (even in some of my other faves. has a free download of the “hot” (at least on Indie 103.1) single, “Whatever You Want” , which they allow me to link HERE. Do go to her MySpace page and check out the rest of tunes, including her “tribute” to Madonna’s “Lucky Star”. I see a bit of both Lily Allen and Patti Smith in her looks….how can THAT be, since they don’t look at all alike?


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